1st Datchet (Ditton Park) Sea Scouts





Q: Can Girls join scouting?
A: Yes. We have a number of girls as members in our group. Girls are more than welcome to join.

Q: What is the difference between Sea Scouts and a normal Scout group?
A: Sea Scouts follow the same Scout programme as all other Scouts. However, the uniform is different and we try to do more water based activities. Also traditions and ceremonies are based around a nautical theme.

Q: Is there a Uniform?
A: Yes. Like all other Scouts there is a uniform. Sea Scouts wear a uniform that is based upon naval traditions.

Q: How much is scouting at 1st Datchet?
A: £150 a year for Scouts & £120 a year for Cubs and Beavers.

Q: Before my child joins, can we see what it's like?
A: Yes. In fact we encourage everyone joining the group to come along and see how we float.

Q: What is the money used for?
A: All money raised by the group goes directly towards running the group and it's activities. This includes HQ Subscriptions (including insurance, admin, etc) and group running costs.

Q: Are the leaders paid?
A: No. All the leaders and executive members give up their time for free.

Q: Where do the badges go?
A: Section leaders will advise on the placement of badges upon uniforms.

Q: Do Adults that help with or Lead Scouts require a CRB?
A: Everyone over 18, thatís involve with 1st Datchet Sea Scouts whether a warranted leader, member of the Executive or an occasional adult helper is required to have a CRB check and be registered with the Scout Association. In addition, every warranted Leader is required to complete a Safeguarding Young People and Awareness course, with regular update courses.

Q: Are there activities outside of the regular meetings?
A: Yes. All the sections have activates outside of their regular meetings. This is a fundamental part of scouting and first Datchet is proud to offer it's scouts a wide variety of activates.

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