1st Datchet (Ditton Park) Sea Scouts



Chilli Rowers




On a cold Saturday morning in November the Scouts boarded the Groups Gig (Rowing Boat) for a sponsored row from Marlow to Windsor.

The Gig has 4 Pulling (rowing) a Lazy Bow and a Cox. The first of the Crews boarded at Marlow slip and we made our way out onto the River. After passing through Marlow lock the Scouts settled in for the longest stretch of our row to Windsor. After 1 hours we reached the first change over point at Cookham, where part of the crew swapped over. The next leg was to our lunch point at Boulters Lock for a well-earned break. With another crew on board we made for the next Lock at Bray and then onto Boveney Lock. With a final crew swap we headed for the finish line in Windsor.

Having completed the 13 miles ahead of time, the scouts all did great. Now it was time to collect the Sponsor money and the Scouts did just as well, with just over 100 pounds raised by one Scout alone.

All the money will go into our Special projects fund which is currently raising money to repair our Scout Huts roof and the pot holes in the Car Park. We also need to raise money to overhaul our other gig and bring it back into working order.

The Gig and crew approach Cookham Bridge