1st Datchet (Ditton Park) Sea Scouts



Group Spring Camp




In April the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts gathered together for a camp at Bears Rails Campsite in Windsor. This was the first time in many years that the Group has all camped together and for the Beavers, Cubs and some of the Scouts it was their first time camping as well.

The Cubs and Scouts arrived on the Friday evening and started setting up camp. The Scouts where formed into 2 Patrols with a fire pit/base and a Dining Shelter for cooking on and under for the camp. Once all the tent where pitched the Cubs and Scouts had supper before going to bed, which would be the first time for many of the Cubs and Scouts to sleep under canvas.

On a crisp Saturday morning the Scouts were up early to get their fires going to cook their breakfast on. The Cubs started cooking their breakfast in the mess tent soon after the Scouts and sat down to the breakfast soon after.

While the Scouts were finishing off the washing up from breakfast, the Cubs went off to fly some kites that they had made before hand during a Cub evening down the hut. Once the Scouts had finished their washing up they started collecting and preparing the wood they would need to cook dinner with.

After Lunch, the Beavers arrived on site and got set up, before going for a walk in the park. While the Beavers were out walking, the Cubs and Scouts walked to the Copper Horse and back. After that the Cubs and Beavers joined together to making and launch water rockets, while the Scouts re-lit their fire so they could start cooking their dinner.

After dinner the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers all took part in and number of wide games and then a camp fire, before going to bed.

Sunday morning came around and the Scouts were up early again to get their fires going to cook their breakfast on. Once every one was up and breakfast done the whole group took part in a pioneering project, before breaking camp (packing up) and going home.

All the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts had a great time and we hope to repeat the camp soon.


Scouts with one of their Tents

Saturday's Camp fire

Cub's Pioneering

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