1st Datchet (Ditton Park) Sea Scouts



Weekend Rowers




On a cool Saturday morning in September the Scouts boarded the Groups Gig (Rowing Boat) for a weekend sponsored row from Wargrave to Windsor.

The Gig for the weekend was our Trinity 500, which has 4 Pulling (rowing) a Lazy Bow and a Cox.

The first of the Crews boarded at a small slip in Wargrave and we made our way out onto the River. We made good progress to Marsh Lock and then the Scouts settled in for the days longest stretch. With a head wind for most of the way the Scouts still made good progress and we arrived at the next lock in about 2 hours. Just after the lock we stopped at Aston Ferry Slip to swap crews, before carrying onto Hurley. We beat the ground crew to Hurley lock and when they caught up we moved onto Temple Lock. With the last crew for the day on board we headed for the slip at Marlow and the finish for the day.

On the Sunday we meet back at Marlow slip and that days crew got ready for the days row. After passing through Marlow lock the Scouts settled in for the longest stretch for the day. After 1 hours we reached the next lock and the gigs crew worked the lock, before rowing on. The next leg took us to Boulters Lock for a well-earned break and lunch. With another crew on board we made for the next Lock at Bray and then onto Boveney Lock. With a final crew swap we headed for the finish line in Windsor.

Having completed the 26 miles, the scouts all headed home having done great over the weekend. Now it was time to collect the Sponsor money and the Scouts did just as well, with just over 200 pounds raised by one Scout alone.

All the money will go into our Special projects fund which is currently raising money to repair our Scout Huts roof and increase the groups facilities at the hut. We also need to raise money to overhaul our other gig and bring it back into working order. Click here to look at all our photos.