1st Datchet (Ditton Park) Sea Scouts




Waiting List Policy

1st Datchet Sea Scouts Group is open to boys and girls between the ages of 5ĺ and 14Ĺ years old. Depending on the availability of spaces in each section, you may be required to join a waiting list.

All applications to join the group should be submitted via the join us page. You will then be contacted by the group and instructed as to whether you are required to join a waiting list.

How to join the waiting list

If you are required to join the waiting list, complete and return the form emailed to you  following your initial enquiry and leave the rest to us. Donít forget to inform us if any of your information changes.

You can apply to join the waiting list for a specific section before your child becomes the age required to join that section (i.e. Beavers can apply to join before they are 6 years old, Cubs before they are 8 years old and Scouts before they are 10.5 years old).

Selection Criteria

Priority will be given to members within the group moving up between sections (i.e. Beavers to Cubs, Cubs to Scouts). Following on from that, should a place become available, it will be offered based on the following priorities:

1) If you have a sibling currently already a member of 1st Datchet Sea Scout Group.

2) Parents affiliated with 1st Datchet Sea Scout Group as Uniformed Leaders, Section Assistants or members of the Group Executive Committee.

3) The date that you applied to join the waiting list, based on a first come, first served basis.

Once a place becomes available for your child then you will be contacted by the group. If we are not able to contact you then the place will be offered to the next person on the list.

Admission to the group can occur at any time during the year, so as soon as a place becomes available then it will be offered out immediately.

If a child misses three consecutive meetings or attends 50% or fewer meetings in one term without giving us prior notice, or fails to keep up with subscription payments then their place may be withdrawn and offered to someone on the waiting list. The Group is able to offer some assistance to those in financial difficulties as long as this is communicated to us sufficiently.

Current members of the Scout Association looking to move from another group may be required to join the waiting list if spaces are not available in their required section.

Final decision on the selection process for each section rests with the Group Scout Leader who can be contacted via the contact us page.











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